The Fall of The Last True Empire of China and the Rise of the New Pseudo-Empire

Gerry Cleary, PhD

New Year 2024

10 weekly sessions Mondays 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm, starting 15 January

In the 19th and early 20th centuries the Qing Dynasty was reduced to humiliating impotence by the imperialist West (and Japan). Following the often turbulent years of the first Republic of China, power changed hands after the 1948 communist victory over the Chinese ‘Nationalists’ and the emergence of Mao Zedung’s ‘People's Republic of China’. China then entered a long period of largely isolated but ideologically pure Communist rule. On Mao’s death in 1976 China began to open up and began a spectacular rise to economic power. Despite a short period of what amounted to a managerial empire run by Hu Jintao, now largely discredited by the Xi Jinping administration, the country under its new leader, Xi Jinping, began after 2012 to re assume many of the characteristics of a Pseudo-Empire. Control of everyday life using powerful social media and internet controls expanded under the direction of Xi's ‘Praetorian Guard’ - The Chinese Communist Party. Military power has vastly increased. China's ‘P.L.A.N’ (The People's Liberation Army Navy) surpassed the US Navy in 2020 with a fleet size of over 340 vessels. China's economic imperialism penetrates more and more countries.

Fee £86.00 (concession rate £56.00)

10 CATS Points (Level 1)

This class will take place on QUB campus

No class on Monday 18 March

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